Endless Breeze 12 Volt Fan

Made by the "Fan-Tastic Vent" fan company

Fan-Tastic Endless Breeze 12 Volt Portable Fan

Could you use a portable 12 volt fan in your RV? If so, you should think about getting an Endless Breeze 12 Volt Fan. This is the same fan with the same speeds as the Fan-Tastic Vent fans that are so popular. It is made by the same company. The great thing about this fan is that it is portable and it plugs into any cigarette lighter jack.

The fan is completely portable and can be used inside your motorhome anywhere you can run an extension cord from a cigarette lighter jack. This means you can have a breeze blowing on you at night in the bedroom. You can take it to the dinner table or even outside to the picnic table.

If you want air movement, or ventilation, plug in the "Endless Breeze" and the large volume of air movement will surprise and delight you. It was so impressive that after I bought "mine" I went back to Camping World and bought a second one for Sharon.

Here are the features: This fan is impressive
Instant air flow
Compact or easy storage. We store both of our under the couch
Light weight (under 5 pounds)
Multipurpose -- cooling air, venting odors, use in RVs, tens, boats or....?
Three speeds -- the same 3 speeds as the Fan-Tastic roof vent fans.
Low sound levels -- it really is quiet
Low amp draw. Important for conserving battery power.
12 volt plug with cord
12" ten blade rotary fan, just like the roof vent fans (12" blades, 14" case)
High air volume
Moveable legs let is sit on any flat surface

I am going to figure out how to securely mount it next to the driver's seat so I can have a breeze while driving.

If you can use one of the best portable fans I have ever come across, click on the link below and learn more.

Camping World Carries the Fan-Tastic brand, and used to carry the Endless Breeze fans. I did not see them the last time I looked. You may be able to order one (or two like we did -- one each). Click on the fan link to see.
Endless Breeze Fan
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