Portable RV Ladder

Do You Carry A Spare Ladder? Cleaning Is Easier If You Do

Do you have a portable RV ladder? If not you should think about getting one for your RV. Being able to climb up anywhere around your RV is very handy. Cleaning the windshield and other windows is easier. You may even find a need for one around your campground. Hanging a rope in a tree or some other thing you need to do.

I have seen wooden or aluminum ladders strapped to the the rear built in ladder of many RVs. I hope those are very securely tied down. I would hate to be behind an RV when one came loose and bounced into my RV or under my tires.

The answer is to get one of the compact collapsing ladders especially meant to be stored in small spaces. They are light weight and store easily in one of your RV compartments, or even behind or under a couch.

Here are only three of the various types of folding ladders you can buy for your RV. Each folds and stores easily. I bought the "Stow-Away Folding Ladder shown in the first picture. When it is folded up, it looks a little bigger than a 2x4 piece of lumber. I have found this 7 foot ladder easy to use and very convenient. Because it folds up to a 7 foot long 2x4, it is easy to store in one of my basement compartments.

Stow Away Ladder Link
Stow-Away Folding Ladder

I'm on 3rd rung and can safely wash windows. Plenty of rungs to go higher if needed.

The one below is similar and may be safer and more versatile than mine.

5' Compact Folding Step Ladder

Or for a taller, up to 9' 4" ladder

Aluminum Extension Ladder

Check out this telescoping ladder! This will get you almost anywhere you need to climb to.
The Telesteps 1400T telescoping extension ladder telescopes up to 10 1/2' and down to 28 1/2" in seconds, automatically. Telesteps 1400 T Telescoping Extension Ladder

Telesteps 1400 T Telescoping Extension Ladder. It provides a 14' climbing and working height and can also be used in 1' increments at any height you need, giving you many extension ladders in one small package! Use the Telesteps 1400 T for all your jobs big and small at home, the cabin and it is perfect for maintaining your RV. Telesteps telescoping ladders are lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use, easy to store. Trusted by the US military, Telesteps telescoping ladders are safe, reliable and conform to OSHA and ANSI standards.
Telesteps 1400 T Telescoping Extension Ladder

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