Finding Items To Sell On Ebay

Where do you find the items you will sell on Ebay

Items are all around you that you can sell on ebay

Where will you find items to sell on Ebay? I hope you already read the page, "SELLING ON EBAY" It gets you started on researching what you might sell. It gave you some ideas on the selling prices of things you are interested in.

Ebay items are often what you already own. Used, clean clothing (not underware--against the rules), knick knacks, the extra RV item a friend gave you. Look around your current stuff to see what you want to get rid of.

Next is to look for small items you can easily store in an RV. You might find these at thrift shops, garage sales or swapmeets. You might even find a treasure trove in the classified ads of the paper in whatever town you are in right now.

Do you know that post cards sell on Ebay? The older the better. The more unique and rare, the higher the price. Do an Ebay search for post cards. When the search page comes up go to just above the very first item. There is a SORT BY box there. Click on the arrow in the box and select, "Price: highest first". This will sort the listings by the highest asking price of any post card or group of post cards. Scroll down this list. Did you realize your old post cards were that valuable? If you found post cards at a swapmeet, you could get them and store quite a few in your RV.

Remember all those old National Geographics and Time or Life magazine you got rid of as your prepared to go full-timing. Those older magazines sell on Ebay. Stranger yet, if you take them apart and pull out all the pages with ads on them, they also sell on Ebay. Often an ad out of a magazine will sell for more than the magazine would have. Do a search for "magazine ads" Again set the column for highest price first. Is that interesting or what? Go in one or two pages when you get there.

Some people have made money on Ebay by watching the store sale ads. They buy an item that is deep discounted at the store and resell it on Ebay One woman was featured on TV. She bought 1/2 price designer clothes from Nordstoms and similar high end stores. She resold them on Ebay The program said she and here family were grossing $30,000 a month. OK, so you only want a couple hundred, but the opportunity for more is there.

Do you see a dollar store in you travels. They often have $10 items for $1. Careful buying could make you a profit from a retail store. All these tips are to get your mind thinking about what to sell on Ebay. There is no magic item. Just as in real life people make money selling everything you can imagine.

Books can do well on Ebay. It just depends. We went to a garage sale and a woman asked if I was interested in books. I said, "No". She said that she had 15 boxes of them. Curiously, I asked how much she wanted for all of them. "$50" was her reply. I asked if she would take $40. I like to bargain at garage sales. She said, "Yes". There were some nice living room table books and we made over $100 in the first week. Then, we found a signed Andy Warhol book. It sold for $600. Yes, "six hundred".

Do you begin to see some possibilities on how you might earn a little extra selling things on Ebay?

Like I said before, I am not going to give you lessons in selling on Ebay There are plenty of those around, even an, "Ebay For Dummies" book. As you can see in the ad at the right, you can get a variety of books about selling on Ebay, including, "Ebay For Dummies". Just click the ad to go to get your copy. My main interest is showing you one way you can generate income while full-timing in an RV. I want you to believe you can earn as much or as little as you would like by doing some creative thinking.

You do not have to do the traditional jobs while full-timing. Camp hosting, clerk in a national park or a counter person in an RV park are ways many earn their extra cash. A little preparation and thought and you might not have to work for someone else. You may just be able to earn all you need or want right from the comfort of your RV.

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