Making money selling on Ebay
Sell on Ebay to supplement you RV income

Selling On Ebay

Selling on Ebay is Easy. Ebay can earn you a little or a lot.

We went from broke to living by the ocean in less than a year selling on Ebay

In 1998 I began making my full-time living selling on Ebay. Ebay turned my life around. I had heard of Ebay, but never really looked into it. I was getting desperate so I looked into selling on Ebay. One of the best moves I made in a long time.

I had been down sized, lost my house, my car, all my credit and had no savings. The pink notices were telling me my utilities were about to be turned off. The notice from the public mini-storage place said to either pay the bill or they would auction off the contents to my storage units. On top of all that I had a toothache and no insurance.

All I had heard about Ebay was that is was worth trying. I figured I had nothing to lose if I started to sell on Ebay. I needed to make money soon. At the end of October 1998, I signed up for an account on Ebay. It was free to sign up then and still is free. Sign up with Ebay and learn how you can generate money now. Click here for eBay! Up at the top, just under the headings is a lingk to "register".

Once you sign up, go to Ebay's site map and read about selling on Ebay. Their tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about selling and buying on Ebay. An Ebay income can be big or small. You set the level. You can make money on ebay. We did, you can.

By the end of December we had paid all of our utility bills and caught up on our public storage units. My wife and I also had $1000 worth of dental work done. I was hooked. That was the beginning of our making money selling on Ebay.

It is fast and easy to look into Ebay. You can open an account for free. There is no charge to open an account. There is no charge to buy on Ebay. You could have an Ebay business today. This is an easy way to introduce yourself to the world of Ebay. Sign up and find a couple bargains you could buy.

My biggest tip on Ebay is to pay attention to feedback when you buy something. Ebay has a system for rating sellers called, "Feedback". Feedback is what a buyer writes about a seller when a transaction (purchase) is completed. Almost all good feedback means your are pretty safe buying from that seller.

Ebay is normally a very safe place to buy and sell, but as in real life, you have to be careful. Many high dollar items are legitimate companies selling a quality product, but some are scammers trying to sucker you in with a better than normal deal. This is the same caution would use in your own town. Online auctions are just like attending a real life auction. Use your good judgment.

Check out what you are interested in on Ebay. Ebay has extensive categories of items you can sell or buy. You can search for RV items or even RV's. There are 5th wheels, travel trailers, Class A motorhome or Class C or Class B. Ebay has it all. My next motorhome will probably be bought from one of the Arizona RV dealers.

You read part of my story about our Ebay sales. I believe in Ebay. I have bought and sold on Ebay with almost no problems. The problems I have had have been very small ones. The worst is people who bid and buy, but never pay. You have to relist your item. Ebay was a real lifesaver for my wife and I.

Maybe you do not need a life saver, but sure could use an extra $50, $300 or $1000 a month. My best year on Ebay was more than I ever made working for a company. You could earn more too, but that comes later. Look into what you can sell on Ebay. Your RV full-timing income may get a pleasant increase. When you have success, either small or large, e-mail me at the address below and tell me about it. I would love to hear you succeed because I introduce you to Ebay.

Ebay income has been such an important part of our lives and should be well into our full-time RVing we will be putting up more pages telling you about Ebay. Maybe your full-time income could grow by selling on Ebay. One of your income streams could easily come from Ebay. Sign up today and learn how Ebay can help you in your full-time RVing adventures.

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