RV Full-timers can supplement their income with an Ebay account

Getting Started Selling On Ebay

Selling on Ebay is a good choice for full-time RVers

Getting started selling on Ebay is fast and easy. The very first thing you need to do is go to their site and sign up for an account. Click here and sign up and then come back Click here for eBay! REGISTER is right up near the top of the page.

Now you need to decide what you are going to sell. Most people start with things they already own. They start selling items on Ebay instead of a garage sale or swapmeet. If you have a business, Ebay is a great place to move excess inventory or slow movers. If you would like profits on Ebay from the comfort of your RV, give it a try.

This is the research phase of this project. You need to become a little familiar with looking things up on Ebay to get their Ebay value. The value in your town may be way higher or way lower. What you will see is what things typically sell for on Ebay.

Your research is sometimes deceiving. You do a search this week for a "red widget". Red widgets are only selling for $15. You think that red widgets are worth at least $50 and feel a little discouraged. Wait a week or two. You may find that another red widget sold for $150. Ebay is a dynamic place, but not every buyer is online looking for red widgets every week. Maybe it was red widget conference week and all the buyers were at a business conference. Ebay is a funny place. What sells well today does not tomorrow, but does again in a month. I will talk about pricing on another day.

How do you price what you are going to sell? This is where being signed up already comes in. Let us say you are selling your tea cup collection. Go to the top of most Ebay pages and enter "tea cup" in the "Start new search" box and then click SEARCH. This will bring up what is currently being offered on Ebay and what the current bids are.

When you get to the search page of current listing your search term moved to the left side of the page near the top. You can change your search to a specific brand of tea cup by adding the brand name, "Lomonosov tea cups", to your search term. Now you will see what your Lomonosov tea cups are worth for the current bids.

Current bids do not mean a lot. Many people wait until less than a minute is left in the auction to place their bid. What you need to do is see what " Lomonosov tea cups" sold for in the past. Go down the left column below your search term and CHECK the box "Completed listings". Then click "Show items" below a little farther.

If you did not sign up for Ebay yet, you need to do it. Ebay does not let you search completed auctions unless you are a registered user. So, if all you want to do is research on Ebay, you have to be signed up. It is FREE to sign up and free to buy on Ebay. Go back up to the top of the page and click the link to get started.

Now you know how to find out what similar items to the ones you have are selling for on Ebay. Some things will not have the value you thought they might and some things will astound you at how high they are selling for.

My goal here is not to teach you to sell on Ebay. My goal is to get you interested in the possibilities for a full-time RVer to make some extra money while on the road. I want you to think seriously about Ebay sales and how they could work for you.

On the next page about Ebay I will tell you some places a full-timer can find things to sell that do not take over their RV and crowd them out of their living space. HOWEVER, be warned that if you are successful selling, this could become a problem is you are not careful. You could get carried away making money.

You can make a much or as little as your imagination can create selling on Ebay. Maybe an extra $50 a month would let you eat out one or twice a some place better than fast food. Maybe you try a little hard and make $100 or $300 and that makes you sigh with relief because your living a little better on a tight budget. Or, it could be you have found a real niche on Ebay and are making an extra $800 or $1500 selling out of your RV. Can you imagine an income only limited by what you find to sell.

So step one is get registered on Ebay and then start doing a little reseach on what things you might sell are going for.Soon you will be making money on Ebay. Just click the banner below to get started!

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