RV Packing Check List

When You Pack To Go Camping A Checklist is Important

Having an RV packing check list will help you NOT forget things important to a successful camping trip. Everyone's list is going to be different. Some of us have our RV loaded and ready to go all the time. Others empty the RV after every trip before putting it into the local storage lot. We are lucky because our motorhome is parked behind our warehouse and is ready to go right now, except for a few things we take out of it.

Below is our list of things we need to put into the motorhome or be sure they are in there already. As you can see, food items are not included. Our motorhome is where we eat dinner every night so it is fully stocked with all food and food preparation items.

When we go down the list, the rule is, "Do not check off an item until your actually SEE it. Do not assume it is the the case where it is supposed to be. Also do not check off an item until it is either in the motorhome or is in a pile that is FOR SURE going out to the MH.

The best way to make a list is on your computer so you can easily print a copy. It is also easy to update regularly. I only print one list when we are getting ready to go. Our list is constantly evolving.

On your next trip write down everything you take out to your RV. When you return from your trip, write down everything you remove from your RV. Now you have the basis for your list of things to pack when you go camping.

Here is our motorhome packing list


Camera Charger

Blue charger bag (need to add what)


Laptop Charger


Delorme Street Maps CD



Dog Blankets

Dog Food

Dog Leash



Motivational CDs

Gray Calculator

Electric Razor & Razors

Deodorant Sunscreen

Makeup Toiletries

Electronic Tools

Electric Screwdriver & Charger

Blue Radio

Main tool boxes

BBQ & BBQ Hose

Generator & Gasoline

Radio CD Player Black office radio

Reading & Computer Glasses

Sun Glasses


Hats, cowboy, baseball & ???

Bob’s Black Seat Cushion

Dust Buster & Charger

Garmin Handheld GPS

Camera, GPS Manual

2 Camera Download Cables

Cell Phone Internet Cable

LED lights big & small

Back up computer –bring backups with us

Extra batteries & group 27

Water Plants

Set up cats – feed, water, litter

Nasal & cold remedies

Current tapes & studies

Spare shoes & rain boots

Rave MP3 player & extra batteries

Charge 12 Volt under seat batteries

check oil, water, trans, brake

check tire pressure & air bags

charge seat batteries

FRS Walkie Talkies & charger

1.5 Million Light & charger CHARGE IT

Dump Tanks


Pocket notebook

spare shoes

back massager

heaters & blankets off

Vector Charger


Put hold on mail if needed


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