RV Covers -- Protecting You RV

Covers are available for Class A, B & C RVs as well as all trailers

Do you have a cover for your RV? If you don't park your RV in a garage or covered area, an RV cover may be the answer to keeping your RV cleaner while stored. There are covers available for any size or type of RV. So, on an economic basis, a $300 cover may save you money. If you have your RV washed 2 or three times a year for $40 to $80, a cover may cut the wash frequency and save you time and money.

$300? Well, you can get them for under $250 to well over $600 depending on the type of material they are made of. It is like anything you buy, the better quality is going to cost your more. It is my understanding that a cover will usually last about 3 years. This depends on how far south your live and the amount of UV exposure. Some may only last a couple years. Again, the better the quality the longer they will last.

Covers can be purchased with a doorway zippered into them so you can access your RV without removing the cover. Even if you don't have a zippered doorway, you should be able to lift the cover enough to gain access if you need to.

Before you put your cover on, you need to cover any sharp objects with a cloth or cardboard to be sure wind and rubbing won't create a tear in the material. Once your cover is in place, be sure you have it tightened down all around. When wind blows on a loose cover it will rub the cover against the RV and cause wear spots.


There are two options for ordering an RV cover. One is to get one that is made for your RV so the fit is much better. Of course the price just went up. However, you have your choice of materials and can get the same cover in "good", "better" or "best" material. You can get a quote on what a cover for your RV would be at
ADCO Custom-Fit RV Covers

The other option is to get one that is generic. You buy it based on the length of your RV. One style fits all. You only specify length and type of RV. For this style take a look here. RV Covers icon


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