RVing And Gas Prices -- Any Drive Can Benefit

Have gas prices got you down? Wondering what they mean to your RVing plans?

Do you have wonder what gas prices are going to do to your trip plans? Maybe you are even thinking of giving up RVing because it is too expensive with gas prices going so high. Don't get too excited too fast. Yes, it is going to cost you more at the pumps, but read on and see how to easily deal with it. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Let's say you drive 3500 miles a year in your RV and get an average of 7 miles per gallon. This means you will use 500 gallons of fuel a year. If the price of gas goes up $1.00 per gallon more than your are used to paying, you will have an extra $500 a year in expenses. If it went up $2.00 a gallon, that would be $1000. As of this writing it is somewhere in between those figures.

So, if we choose $750 as how much more than average RV will pay for fuel, let's see what that means. It means that in the 365 days for the next year, you will have to save $2.06 a day to pay for the added fuel expense. Could you sacrifice one Cappuccino or a coke and a candy bar a day? Would you take a lunch to work one or two days a week?

OK, sometimes a daily savings doesn't click with some people. How about $14.42 a week or $62.44 a month. What could you do to put that amount into a savings account each month?

I have a large coffee can by my desk. I put $1.00 a day into the can. I put unexpected money in it also. Found money, rebate check money and other cash that isn't part of my pay goes into the can. Once a month we go to the bank and deposit the money. I have a calendar above my desk. I mark $1 in each day as I put the money in. I know if I skipped a day. You should do this DAILY, not once at the end of the month.

You may skip buying lunch at work today. Saved $6.49. Put that in the can. Tomorrow buy lunch but skip the soda out of the machine. Saved $1.25. Average for two days is $3.87. You are $1.87 ahead of the game already and the money is "IN THE CAN". See how easy dealing with high gas prices can be?

Are you a family of 4? Now you can spread the savings out over 4 people. The kids donate 5% or 10% of their allowance to the fund. The grocery shopper buys a couple less snack items each week. SEE? You really can do this if you put your mind to it. That extra $1 or $2 a day seems more realistic all the time.

For me, planning ahead for higher gas prices today means my camping season next year can stay just the same as it is this year. I don't miss my $1 a day and actually at the end of the month I have been seeing over $100 in the can.

Isn't this much better than getting rid of your RV and taking vacations in motels and flying to get there? Both of which would probably cost you more anyway.

Kick any habit that is costing you $3.50 a day and you'll be amazed at the savings
Cut back on smoking a little, stop the coffee kiosk morning coffee or latte or........"You Decide".
$3.50 Savings How Much you save
In one day $3.50 BIG DEAL
In one month $105 Hey, not so bad
In one year $1,260 WOW! you just paid for your camping gas
In 10 years $12,600

Does that help you make a decision today? If so, you won't have to worry about the price of gas. You can sacrifice a very small amount each day and be a big winner.

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