Portable Propane Fireplace

Do you camp where they don't allow fires?
A portable propane fire pit if allowed most places that allow BBQs

Have you ever been camping where they don't allow fires? Are you one of those who likes campfires, but really doesn't like the smoke. I have the answer for you. It is a portable propane fire pit I first saw one at an RV rally at Kelly's Beach, California. They didn't have fire pits at every campsite. One RVer was sitting beside his rig with a nice fire going, but no fire pit. He had a portable propane fire pit. The ambiance of a wood fire without the smoke and mess.

Yes, the propane fire is smaller than a wood campfire and not a hot, but it is is a nice fire and throws off heat for those sitting around it.

The actual fire pit is a "pan" with a propane burner in the bottom. Fireproof vermiculite is poured over the burner The whole things sits on a stable stand. When propane is turned on to the unit, the propane filers up through the vermiculite and burns on its surface in a random manner across the top. You can purchase fake logs to sit on top of the vermiculite and it looks like mini logs burning.

These units are allowed almost anyplace you can use a propane Bar-B-Que. In forest area or RV parks that restrict campfires, you can still have one burning right beside your RV door. The great thing is that when your evening is over, just turn off the gas, put the lid on the unit and put it away. No hot coals to worry about. No fire to "MAKE SURE IT IS OUT".

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