Post-in notes in the RV remind you put down your antenna. Post it notes remind you return items to the RV. Sticky notes mean you will not forget important things.

Post-It Notes In The RV

There are a lot of jobs that need to be done in an RV. Many owners have check lists that they use every time the set up camp or leave camp. They have another check list of things that they need to take from home.

These lists are grocery lists, tool lists, check tire pressure and oil lists. They include anything and everything you might need to do to make you trips in your RV happier and safer.

At times some things just do not fit on your lists. Or you are doing something when you normally are not using a list. It is times like this that you need some reminders. An easy reminder is a large Post-It note. If you took the hammer out of the RV, put a post it note on the table or refrigerator so you remember to bring it back in.

Did you loosen some nuts, bolts or screws for some reason and will tighten them later after you get a part. Make a note. Tack a sticky note on your steering wheel. You never know when something will come up and you forget.

I am often a little scatter brained and a paper note stuck in plain site is often what saves me from some minor or major grief later. I find them even more important in the motorhome when things are moved back and forth from RV to the house or garage and back again.

There are other important things that you do regularly. It helps to make a file card with the note on it. Hang it where the job needs to be done or in a place you have to move it to do the next thing. A note on your steering wheel to raise the leveling jacks or lower the TV antenna may save you quite a bit of money one day. "LOCK THE FRIDGE" could mean you will not be cleaning up a mess on the way to the dump station.

It is harder to forget to return tools or take along chairs or complete a task if there is a note in the way when you try to drive away, or sit at the table. JUST BE SURE, you put your notes where they HAVE TO BE SEEN, like on the steering wheel instead of where they MIGHT be seen.

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