Instant Portable Hot Water Heater

Campers now can have hot water instantly anywhere they camp.

Do you have a portable hot water heater for camping? My wife and I were watching surfers at the beach the other day. When surfers are done for the day, they pour a gallon jug of water over themselves to get sand and salt off. It is a very easy and efficient "shower" when the are ready to head for home or work.

One woman was at her mini-van holding a shower wand and having her shower. She was still in her wetsuit. The difference for her was that she had hot water. I asked her about it and she let me feel the water. WOW! Just the right temperature. She washed and rinsed her hair, cleaned off her wet suit and then her body in the bathing suit she was wearing. When she was done showering, she got dressed in a business suit and headed for work (surfers know how to get undressed and dressed in public)

I asked her what she was using and she said it was a Coleman hot water heater that operated on one of those small 1 pound bottles of propane. She said the temperature was adjustable up to 160 degrees Farenheit.

It had a shower wand attached to a hose for ease of use. It had a collapsable 5 gallon water jug for a water source. She had that on the ground. A pump moved the water. I was really impressed with this unit.

It would be great for many camping situations. Anywhere you want hot water for washing hands, showering, dish washing or washing some clothes. It will heat of to 40 gallons of water on one 1 pound propane cydlinder. The amazing thing is that is supplies INSTANT hot water. It takes about 5 seconds to have hot water flowing.

Take a look at on using the picture or text link below.

Coleman Hot Water On Demand
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