Debt Consolidation

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Is debt holding you back?

Do you have debt that is holding you back from some of your dreams? One of the big problems is the amount of easy credit that is available today. People can get a dozen or more credit cards and easily max them out. Then they take high interest loans to pay them off. If you miss a credit card payment, your nice low interest rate is jumped up to over 20%. A neat penalty they don't advertise.

You think, "OK, I'll get one of those "payday" loans to cover a payment. I looked one of those up and the interested rate on a 14 day loan was over 700%. NO, that is not a typo. Over seven hundred percent. WOW! I didn't know that was legal

Debt can really drag you down financially and emotionally. Of course the best answer is don't create the debt in the first place. That advice doesn't help when you are drowning in bills and credit card payment statements.

The next answer is debt consolidation. Sometimes it is possible to get a loan that will pay off all of your debts and give you one easy to live with payment. A debt consolidation loan is a blessing and curse. Yes, it gets you out of the pressure of all the different payments and give you extra money at the end of the month that you used to use to pay bills. The problem is you now have empty credit cards and may be tempted to start all over again. It can become a vicious circle.

Of course debt elimination through a balanced program of loan consolidation., controlled spending and a plan to stay debt free will open the doors to your dreams. Instead of spending a couple hundreds dollars in interest you can use that money to fulfill a goal and realize your dreams.

First you need to get your spending under control and look at consolidating your debts. One answer is to find the best loan consolation you qualify for. This is an easy process with the internet. Many financial institutions have online forms you can fill out to discover their loan offerings. It doesn't cost anything to fill out a form.

One caution. I have heard that filing too many credit requests in a short period of time is a bad reflection on your credit score. I can't quote where I heard that, so it might be worth looking into.

More important than combining loans and consolidating debt, is to get out of debt completely. If you can get rid of debt, you can live a less stressful life. With a plan you can get out of debt in a relatively short time. I may take a year to four years, but a plan with professional help works.

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Eliminate Your Debt

If you are drowning in debt and don't qualify for loans and can't get into a program that helps, open you phone book and look up, "Consumer Credit Counseling". Make an appointment and take their advice, which often means cutting up all your credit cards.

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