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What is the best RV insurance for your money? I'm not sure I can answer that for you and your particular situation. However, I can give you the information you need to find the best insurance.

One of the things we seldom do is investigate how we can save money and get better insurance coverage. We have a company we have been with for years and we just keep on paying their ever higher rates. Today I want to try to help you get equal or better coverage to what you have now and get it cheaper. Not only get it cheaper, but get insurance from a company that deals specifically with motorhomes. The companies I will mention insure not only your motorhome, but also all of you other vehicles.

The key to getting the best insurance for you and your vehicles is to shop around. This used to be a big pain with insurance agents coming to you home or you having to go to many offices. Today it is as simple as filling out a form on your computer. The internet has made insurance shopping a breeze. I made my decision on what insurance I would buy base on internet research.

So step one is to get some quotes from the various companies that offer RV insurance. When I did this I was insured by Farmer's Insurance. I got a quote from Good Sam's VIP insurance which is GMAC Insurance. What a difference. I was able to add my motorhome to my insurance and still pay a little less than I had been paying before. I had the same coverage, in fact it was better in some places.

I would highly recommend GMAC insurance. You can get a free quote from them. Through this link Are you paying too much for your RV Insurance? Click here for a free quote from Good Sam VIP

Once you have that quote check with your insurer and see what their rates are or ask if they can do better.

There are other insurers that insure RV's and you can get quote from them also. Since I am not familiar with them, I will just list the companies I am aware of.

Progressive Insurance
AARP/Hartford Insurance
Foremost Insurance
National Interstate Insurance

Remember to verify that you have coverage of your RV contents. You carry a lot of possessions when you travel. You want to be assured in writing that they all covered.

Be sure your vehicle is covered while in storage as well as when you travel. Vandalism, fire and other problems occur in storage lots.

Are you a full-timer? If so you need to let the company know. Your coverage may not include full-timing.

If your agent says they can insure you through another company, I would check with a company that actually does the insurance directly. Some insurance companies don't cover RV's but can contract it our. Not all companies offer RV insurance. I prefer to deal directly with the insurer, not through a second party.

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