RV Clothes Closet
Gain Extra Space For Towels & Clothes

Convert you shower into a spare closet or towel rack

Need an RV clothes closet? Having enough room to hang things in an RV is often a problem. If you have a bathtub or shower in your RV, towel and clothes hangers are easy to install. All you have to do a buy one or two shower rods. These are expandable rods that are about an inch thick. Put them in the tub/shower stall and expand them out to a snug fit. You now have an excellent place to hang large bath towels. This works so well we bought two of the rods and have them side by side for his and hers bath towel racks.

Many department stores and camping stores have clothes pin hangers. These are hooks that look like a regular clothes hanger hook on one end and have a built in clothes pin on the other end. These are great for hanging wet wash cloths. They also come in handy for hanging many light weight items you need to dry.

So, you have towels and washed clothes hanging in the tub to dry, but there is still some space on the rods. How about hanging your coats, tomorrow's clothes, or any clothing items you need to temporarily store

I admit that hanging clothes in the bathtub is not really that convenient. You have to remove them and store them on the bed at shower or bath time, but in an RV where space is often at a premium, this small inconvenience is often worth having a place to neatly hang things.

Our Bounder does not have a shower stall, it has a tub with shower. I can not tell you how well this will work in a shower stall only RV, but I am sure you can adapt this idea to a shower stall also. You may have to take a hack saw and take off of few inches of the shower rods. Just be careful you do not crack the plastic wall pressing too hard when you tighten the rods. Maybe the rods would fit between the metal frame at the top of the stall.

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