Small pallet wrap kept in your RV will come in handy frequently in your travels. 5" high wrapping material that is convenient and easy to use. You may know it as stretch wrap

Small Pallet Wrap In 5" High Rolls

A great material that will solve many RVing problems for you

We found that small pallet wrap in 5 inch rolls is the handiest packing material. It is a small roll of stretch wrap that is only 5 inches wide. It is like plastic kitchen wrap that you cover bowls of food with. It is a little thicker and easier to use.

The roll comes with a little handle and the roll actually rotates on the handle to make this very easy to use. You just hold the end of the wrap in place and then wrap around and around until the item is securely wrapped.

We discovered it in our business when packing items for shipment. It kept parts together. It kept things from shifting inside of packages. It kept things tight that might move from rough handling along the way.

Roll slides on handle for easy use
Small Pallet Wrap

Today we use it for many things other than business and the uses just keep growing.

You can get this pallet or stretch wrap by a few different brand names. I have purchased it at box stores and at the local truck rental store that also sells packing supplies.

If you can not find it locally, I have found it online and on Ebay.
The only problem is, it has been for a case of 12 rolls. OK, share some with a friend.

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