RV Toilets -- RV Toilet Replacement

Replacing an RV toilet is an easy job

Do you have a problem with your RV toilet? Some problems are easily solved and others need replacement.

Do you want to upgrade to a better more convenient to use toilet? The good news is that your RV toilet and home toilet are mounted in the same manner. Different brands of toilets may have slightly different instructions, but they will all be basically what I have described below.

You may be replacing the toilet in an RV you just bought because of sanitary or cleanliness concerns. Maybe the old toilet has a hand lever for flushing and you would rather have a foot lever. Maybe the old toilet looks worn and scratched.

Many newer toilets operate much more efficiently than ones that are 7 years older or more. They are more ergonomically designed.

This article is only about replacing RV toilets. There is another article in the column on the left that talks about maintenance and repair of your toilet.

Because the bases of toilets are different sizes, you need to measure the base of the toilet to be sure the replacement will fit in the spot your have. Some RV toilets have a smaller "footprint" and fit in a smaller space. Some toilets are fatter and need a larger base area.

This is not a comprehensive explanation on replacing your toilet, but an article to let you know it is a very easy job regardless of what brand or style of toilet you have in your RV. When replacing any RV toilet, I suggest wearing rubber gloves.

For my Thetford toilet, two nuts hold the toilet to the floor. First be sure your water pump is turned off and your are not connected to city water. Next go to the rear of the toilet and unscrew the water connection. Remove the front nut under the foot pedal and then the rear nut. Your toilet is ready to remove. Just lift and remove the old toilet.

Before you tighten the toilet down you want to be sure the water supply fits onto the new toilet. If the toilet is identical to the old one, there should be no problem. However, if the toilet is different you may need to extend or shorten the water supply to meet the toilet connection.

Installing the new toilet is just the opposite. First replace the rubber gasket that seals the toilet to the floor connection. Then place the toilet firmly into place, aligning it with the bolts and bolt holes. Replace the nuts all around. I like to tighten them down slightly snug all around and then tighten them a little at a time going around and around until they are all tight once again. Sit on the toilet and be sure it doesn't wobble. Sitting on it compresses it down against the floor. You should be able to tighten the nuts up a little more now.

In a few days check to see it you can tighten the nuts a little more. Your toilet should be snug to the floor and should not move back and forth or side to side when you sit on it.

There are a number of toilets you can choose from. Click this link to see some RV Toilets icon

For a higher end ceramic toilet that is more like you home toilet check out the link below. You can even replace the toilet seat since many home style toilet seats will fit this one.

SeaLand® Traveler 500 Plus™ Toilet - White
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