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Would you like to camp with a small group of 10 to 50 other RVers?

Do you like to camp with others? Are you missing out on potluck dinners and other fun activities that a small group enjoys doing. Of course there are big national rallies with thousands of rigs and commercial this and commercial that. These are great, but that is not what I'm talking about.

Forget the salesmen and demonstrations. Forget the dust and crowds. You can attend a rally right in your own state, even in your own county. The way to do this is to log into RV.NET Forum There you will find all kinds of topics on all aspects of RVing in any size or type of RV. In addition to all of the various topics, you will also find Rallies, shows and gatherings This is where you will find out when and where a rallies are being held. If there isn't one close to you, you can start one.

So, what are the rallies all about and who sponsors them. Is RV.net putting them on and what do they get out of it. To answer that, you need to understand that RV.net is only a forum. It is where RVers from all over the country, and even the world can go to ask questions about RVing. It is where you can research old postings and topics to find answers to your questions. It is people like you or me that just come in and ask a question or give an answer. It isn't RV.net doing the Q&A, it is just people who enjoy RVing.

The rallies are not sponsored by anyone. They are started by average RVers who want to go camping. For instance, I could go into the forum and post that I'd like to go camping in three months by the ocean. Who would like to go? I just started a rally. People will say they are interested. Then it is up to me to find a location, contact the campground and make arrangements with them. YOU never have to be the one to start a rally. This isn't a club with obligations.

Is RV.net involved in the rally. No, they are not. They are only a forum where RVers go to talk, ask questions, get answers. They are not involved in any manner. They don't get anything out of it. They don't charge to use their forum. They are just the online host of a gathering place for RVers.

Are there rules for rallies? No, you or the person setting up the rally makes the "rules", which are mainly come and have fun. A rally is nothing more than a few friends deciding to go camping together. One or two of them coordinate the sites and details.

OH, it is just for friends? YES, friends you may have never met in person. Friends you just met online on your first day in the forum. All RVers are welcome at these rallies. It is an open invitation to have some fun. Not only can you have fun, but you an ask your regular camping buddy to go along in their rig too. They never have to join the forum, but they just may get hooked once they meet the people.

Are rallies addicting. Maybe not, but in the last 19 months we have been to 6 rallies and one smaller gathering announced in the forum. We have two more to go this year in September and October.

Activities at rallies are as varied as the people who go. A few like to play cards or "Mexican Train" (a dominos game). There may be costume parties or scavenger hunts in your own RV to see who has the most items on a list. Some have a gift exchange for $5 or $20 gifts and then let people "steal" someone's gift. Our next rally is having "White Elephant Bingo" where each player brings a used but functional gift for the bingo prizes. Of course a potluck dinner and maybe a potluck breakfast is almost a must at most rallies. If enough kids are coming, someone may create activities just for them. All the activities are up to the people going to the rally.

I think one of the great things about the rallies you find at RV.net is the fact they are open to anyone. They are not part of a club or organization with dues and members. There is no monthly or yearly obligation to attend any function or rally. You will see some of the same people at different rallies you attend, but the group changes a little each time you go.


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