Medical Alert Bracelet
Emergency Identification For RVers

Medical ID bracelets could save your life while RVing

You may need a medical alert bracelet. Do you have any medical conditions that could be life threatening if not cared for properly? Are you allergic to any medications? A yes answer means a prudent RVer will have a means of identifying any medical needs they have in case they are unconscious and no one is around to tell a medic or other emergency personnel your health needs.

At home you may have neighbors and friends who may know your medical history. You may not feel a need to carry any alert on you for emergency situations. The problem is that RVers are out in strange places without friends and neighbors near by. If you have an emergency the only way someone may know you have special needs is by having an emergency ID bracelet on your wrist.

Maybe you think it does not make sense to you to wear your needs on your wrist at home or work, however, think about this seriously. Wouldn't it make sense to be prepared when you are far from home? A bracelet that is tied to a medical information service can have your needs available to emergency personnel almost instantly. Those records, tied to your bracelet could mean the difference between life and death when you are out boondocking or even in a far away RV park.

If you or an RVing loved one has any medical needs, be sure when you travel those needs are available to anyone who finds you in a medical emergency.

Medical alert bracelets range in price from very inexpensive on up to 14 carat gold bracelets like this one that sells for about $600 (this was written when gold was cheaper -- I just looked and the price doubled. YIKES! Gold prices are skyrocketing.
14k Yellow Gold Medical Id Bracelet 8 " If you follow that link you can see a variety of stylish Emergency ID bracelets. You can be practical or stylish, but either way, your life will be protected.

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