Folding Hand Trucks

Lightweight Folding Handtrucks Are A Great Addition To RVing

Lightweight aluminum folding hand trucks sure make camping easier? Hauling firewood from your RV to the campfire or way off to the group campfire sure is easier with one of these lightweight aluminum handtrucks. The one I bought weighs only 9 1/2 pounds and stores easily in one of my motorhome compartments. It is only a couple inches thick when folded so it sits on top of other stuff and doesn't take up "floor space".

I used our folding hand truck on our last group outing to haul firewood and other things about 1/2 a city block to the group area. My back really appreciated not having to carry these things by hand.

Even though this is a lightweight carrier, it is very strong. The capacity on mine is 200 pounds, so I should not have any problems overloading it. The base plate is large so bigger items are easily carried. The large base plate means you don't have to tip back so far to keep your load balanced.

You can find them in many stores and of course they are sold on Ebay.

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