Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ebay Sales Are Up

Sharon and I are really doing much better in our Ebay sales and getting our prospects of being more organized up. If we were organized in our efforts, we could do a lot more than we are doing now. It is amazing how at times we can really be on track and then be off of it again.

I am mystified by the all we go through to get our act together and get back to income producing activity that will get us back to camping again. I hope we can get this put together soon. I need a camping fix.

We went to the Pt Mugu Air Show this past weekend. The Thunderbirds were great, but I was really impressed by the new F22 Raptor fighter jet. That is one amazing airplane. I would sure hate to be on the receiving end of that one.

Our landlord is having another open house at our place. I really do not like strangers going through my home checking out the place. This is a major reason Sharon and I need to get our finances up. We need to get in control of where we live and where we work. As a renter without a lot of cash to back us up, we are at the mercy of any landlord and anything they do.



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