Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Very Expensive Housing

Housing is outrageous in our area. Today's paper talked about low income housing for the poor. There are some new apartments available. A one bedroom apartment for low and very low income individuals is $803 a month. A three bedroom apartment for low income people is $1114. We sure have very expensive housing costs here.

YIKES! These are the rents being offered to the poor. Sharon and I are very lucky to be paying $750 for our 600+ square foot home. It was $800 but the landlord lowered the rent when it was put up for sale. That was an incentive to stay until it sold.

This level of rent really emphasizes how much sense it make for many people to full time in an RV. Some parks charge under $300 a month for space rental to park your RV. If the weather changes or you do not like the neighbors, just move your home somewhere else.

Retired people would especially be good candidates for full time RVing. If Social Security was the sole income of an individual or couple it might just be possible to live better in a RV than in a brick and mortar home.

It is really sad how high housing costs have risen. When Sharon and I were married 1/4 of MY salary paid our two bedroom apartment rent in a nice area in a nice apartment. That was 40 years ago and rent was $125 a month. I made about $3.80 to $4.25 an hour (I do not remember exactly) Sharon had the privilege of NOT having to work. We made it on one salary.

What do young people need to do today to survive? It is hard to imagine their situation. Many people do not earn $38 an hour or more. That is 10 times what I earned. Rents are up, but salaries are not. Retired folks may have it better is they have prepared over their working lives. It is really crazy.

The more I see of the housing market in California and across the country, the more I think RVing full time make sense.


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