Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Travasaks and Flameless Candles

I have decided that until I have more to say about RVing or making money online or some aspect of interest to RVers, I am only going to publish this blog once a week. It is meant as a journal of what I am doing relating to RVing. I am doing nothing. My Bounder has a problem and I am not driving it. I have not been camping in a year. It is hard to write an RVing blog when I am not RVing.

One thing I hope to do in the near future is add more pages to the website, RV Living Magazine. I just added a couple pages. One is on Travasak sleep systems Travasak It is like a sleeping bag and would make bed making in a RV a lot easier. I really like the idea.

Another article I added was about Flameless Candles. As you you know if you have follow us or even read our web pages, Sharon and I like candlelight dinners in the motorhome. A safe way to have candles in your RV is to use ones with no flame. Modern lighting methods make candles flicker and glow, even though they are battery powered.

So, until I begin adding pages to the site or get inspired to write about more interesting things, this journal will come out each Wednesday or occasionally in between times if I have something to say more than just rambling.


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