Friday, March 02, 2007

Selling Woes -- The Good & Bad

Life is complicated. I had an offer for $1000 to sell 4 of nine items I had listed on eBay for only $250. The $250 price was pickup only, the $1000 offer was if I shipped 4 pieces to Missouri. I said OK but before they responded, someone bought the 9 pieces, paid for them and picked them up.

A day later the original buyer wanted the 4 pieces. I negotiated with the original buyer for 4 of the 9 pieces and he agreed. The $1000 buyer paid $2191 including shipping and my two hour drive to pick up the 4 pieces. Now the actual buyer is holding back on letting those 4 go. YIKES! What a quandary.

This is my problem with selling on Ebay. Nothing is guaranteed. I do not have repeatable inventory. Things like this complicate my life. I am still waiting on a call to pick up the 4 if they will let them go. It is 3:20 p.m. and I promised to ship the 4 tomorrow as they are in desperate need of this printer. Still no call and I am getting worried.

This will work out regardless. I got what I wanted for the nine printers. This other thing is just gravy. I love gravy, however, if the whole thing falls through I will still be where I wanted to be with this sale.

Does any of that make sense? Anyway, I really need to get a different line of stuff to sell on Ebay. I need to increase my internet marketing income and I need to get a better work ethic. I sure need a lot.

The weather here is ideal for camping. We had frost on top of the car this morning, but not on roof tops and grass. It is clear and nice during the day. I really need to bust my butt and get some extra cash to repair the Bounder. It is a shame to see it sitting out back all the time.

I will update this when I get an answer on what happens.

UPDATED Saturday:
Nothing yet.  The printer sale is still in limbo.  The buyer said they may let 3 of them go, but they will have to get their project going first.


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