Friday, February 09, 2007

Cancer Checkup

I had a doctor's appointment with the VA yesterday. This was for a look at all my little skin blemishes. The dermatologist looked me over and only found two places that I told her about to be suspicious.

Cancer is a scary word. Over ten yeas ago I had some skin cancer removed from my nose. The young doctor brought in her boss and he checked me out too. He said nothing really looked cancerous, but the flaky growth on my nose should have a biopsy to be sure. He also recommended that a large flat mole on my back be removed.

The young doctor cut a little piece from my nose, the biopsy. It will be tested for cancer and I will get a report back in a week or two. The mole will be removed at an appointment in March.

As I said, they do not think either is cancerous, but they will make sure.

So, have you got any suspicious moles, spots or growths? If so take a trip to you local doctor and get them looked at. It is better to have a spot removed than to have it turn into cancer at a later time.

I would guess, but have no data, that RVers might be outdoors more than other people. RVers are outside enjoying nature more. Full time RVers in particular would be spending more time outside. Be sure you are using a SPF 30 or high sun screen when you are outside. Protect yourself from any further damage by harmful rays from the sun.

My "after shave lotion" has been SPF 30 sunscreen for years.


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