Friday, February 02, 2007

Seeking Success -- Looking For Answers

Do I sound confused? I am at times, most of the times. I am seeking success, looking for answers to what I can do to secure Sharon's and my future. HEY! I am 64 and still do not know exactly where I am going.

I cannot imagine retiring with nothing to do. That is one thing about internet marketing that is so appealing. It is a job you can do from anywhere and one that does not demand a specific amount of time. You can work at it 5 hours a week or over 100 hours a week. I like that aspect of IM.

The "work from anywhere" aspect of interntet marketing is also an important feature. You can do IM from any place you can connect to the internet. You can work from an office or from home. You can work from the library or internet cafe. You can work in you RV or on a beach in Hawaii.

Do you see why internet marketing is what Sharon and I are trying to get good at? IM is not just one thing. I guess technically selling on Ebay is "internet marketing" The definition most people think of is making money from digital products, not physical products. Digital products include website, ebooks, software programs people can download from the internet. However, any internet marketing including selling physical products falls into the category of INTERNET MARKETING.

We have a number of old quilts I plan to sell on Ebay. I was researching quilts on Ebay and found someone who makes their money finding quilts traveling all over Texas. They go to swapmeets, antique stores and anywhere they might find quilts. Old quilts typically sell for over $100 and often more.

Right now there are completed auctions on Ebay where quilts sold for $810, $500, $400 etc.

If you are full timing in an RV and travel all over the country, could you possible supplement your income selling quilts? A few quilts would take up space, but vacuum pack them in those AS SEEN ON TV sealing bags and they would take up a lot less space.

Type VINTAGE QUILTS into this search box (do not worry about category) and see what is being offered on Ebay today. Maybe you will get some ideas for earning an income online.

OH, Sunday the 4th is Sharon’s birthay. If you see her in the forum, you might wish her a Happy Birthday.


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