Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am too focused on the new car. It still is not running right. The idle is rough and at idle it sometime surges. I watch the tachometer for from about 800 to 1200 in a surge. The problem is I am working on it instead of selling on Ebay.

So far I have changed the air filter, changed the oil and filter, replaced cracked and rotten rubber vacuum lines. I am not a mechanic and only work on simple things on a vehicle. My next plan is to replace the ignition cables and check to see that I did not miss any vacuum lines that may still be leaking air.

Sharon bought a fuel filter yesterday, the one recommended by the "clerk". I do not see anywhere an inline filter goes. I am thinking the filter is one that screws into the side of the carburetor.

The car really needs to go on the back burner. I thought selling the car would get us caught up. We are way behind in our Ebay sales this month and will really to to hustle to pay the bills. I am not paying our sales tax bill that is due today. I will pay the penalty for paying it late.


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