Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Planning, Investigating, Thinking

What are Sharon and I doing? Planning, Investigating, Thinking. We are getting lots of offers for help from some very knowledgeable internet marketers. They are a very generous community. Ask for help and you may get more than you ever expected. Tell of a goal or dream and people will support you all the way.

The RVing community is the same way from all of our experiences. We love the friends we have found online in and campers every where we have been.

I guess what makes people want to help is "community". When you are part of a community, members of the community care for each other. I have set a financial goal for Sharon and I. I am only one week into our plans and was feeling overwhelmed. Then I began to think of all of the help we have been offered. I do not thing we could make any financial goal that stretches our imaginations just a little by ourselves. We just do not work the way we should. However the people we have willing to lend an ear and offer advice is what is going to get us to the point we will be able to generate any income needed to support us far into our retirement.

The internet is an amazing place. There is so much information on every subject. There is free information and information for sale. Internet marketers are making money on both the free and paid information. It is mind boggling what people are doing. Some making enough to cover their extra bills and some making a full time living. Everywhere from very large incomes to a few dollars a month there is opportunity if you look for it.

Other than a journal of the life of Bob and Sharon in the warehouse, I am not sure what direction this blog will take until we get back to camping.  I am not sure when we will get back to camping.  The Bounder needs some transmission work, so it could be a while.  I do not think I mentioned that, I forget. Of course we are "short of funds", but a huge dangerous shimmy at over 50 miles an hour, which I am thinking is transmission related in this case is the main reason we are not even down at our 12 mile away beach campground.

We have a lot of thinking to do on getting out of this warehouse. Thinking on how to earn a living with internet marketing when we do get out of here. How to implement all the internet marketing ideas I have. How to stay focused on both projects and make them both work.


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