Friday, January 12, 2007

90 Days To Earn Moving Money

The clock is ticking and Sharon and I have 90 days to earn moving money so we can move out of our rental. We are living week to week, month to month, so to have the money for the first, last and any deposits on a new rental home we have to get more creative. Remember we were in the same position when we had to move into this place we are living now. We did it that time and we can do it again. The difference that time was that we only had two weeks to move. This time I am fairly confident it will take 90 days to sell the house and get it through escrow.

I have been writing about internet marketing lately and ways to earn income online. I think I may create another blog and chronicle what we are doing, how are doing it and the results of each aspect of of efforts to increase our income. I could put it in this blog, but I have other blogs, I have other websites and participate in various forums. It would make sense to put the blog up as a separate entity instead of incorporating it into this one.

Having each topic or area you write about on a separate website and/or blog makes good business sense. This blog is about RVing and getting to the point we can afford to go full timing. Since we have not been RVing in months, I have started writing about how Sharon and I plan to earn a living on the internet This could also be important to you if you need extra income for full timing or sending a child to college.

The internet offers a chance for the average person to have a small business without the expense of what a physical brick and mortar business would cost. You can even earn money online without even having a website you pay for. This blog is created thorough Google's site, Anyone can create a free blog at Blogger. There are other places you can create a free blog.

Once you have a website or even a blog you can put advertising on it. The Google AdSense ads on this page earn me a little each month. The Camping World banner at the bottom of the page may be part of the income I get from Camping World each month. I have other Camping World ads, so I am not sure which is actually generating the income.

Currently I earn between $125 and $175 a month with internet marketing. Not much, but then I talk about IM a lot instead of doing it. Maybe those of you who have read this blog for a while know that I have been very good at procrastinating. I need to, "Work when I am at work" and develop personal discipline. At the point I do, I believe we can change our IM  monthly income to our daily income. I told you before that my first internet marketing goal is $100 a day. That is the point I can seriously look for ways to get out of this warehouse without worry of how I will pay the bills if I am not selling our inventory.

I hope what I write about helps others think about what they can do to improve their current or retirement situation. It does not have to be on the internet It could be anything that would improve your life. I believe that if I could have done some smarter planning in the past, we could be a lot closer to having the things we want today. Hopefully my writing and comments with encourage you to make some plans and start acting on them.

Sharon and I are currently planning and listing ways for us to be out of this warehouse by my 65th birthday, January 1, 2008. There are other ways than selling everything off on Ebay or internet marketing to earn income. We are looking at a number of ways that fit into our expertise, experience and what we would like to do.



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