Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Earning More With Internet Marketing

Sharon and I are burning the midnight oil thinking about ways to move more of  our inventory selling on Ebay.  Earning more with internet marketing is also an option, but not as fast as Ebay. We are thinking that combining our Ebay items into lots might be a good way.  We have over 200 computer monitors left from when we scrapped 1200 of them.  I kept the ones I thought I could sell. I need to come up with an inexpensive way to advertise and sell them locally.

Of course the need for midnight oil has been fueled by our need to find a new place to live and come up with a first, last and any deposits we may need for a pet or cleaning.  For our little $800 home it cost $1600 to move in.  I doubt if we will find another place this nice and this cheap, especially with utilities paid.  Since $1400+ is the average rental for an apartment, it could cost $2800 or more just to move into a new place.  Money we do not have and will have to earn with extra effort on Ebay and with internet marketing.

I know that Ebay will make most of that money, but if we can increase our IM income some it will sure help.  I have some ideas and will be implementing them in the days ahead.

I am guessing we may have at least 90 days from the time the house is listed and the time it closes escrow and we have to be moved out. The landlord says she will push for a 45 day escrow to give her tenants time to move.  One possibility is the lady who shares the house may be interested in buying it. She does not want to move either. Her problem is qualifying for place and then having enough for the house payments.  The house will go on the market for $500,000 to $650,000. A realtor told her is would probably list for $635,000 based on comps (comparisons) in the area. 

Our weather had warmed up, but is was a little cold this morning when we walked Poky The Dog.  The weather forecast is for rain locally and snow down to 1500 feet in the mountains.  Our mountains we can see may be covered in snow tomorrow. 

Today I will be talking about your products and other people's products that help with earning more money with internet marketing.

I have a gift for you today. This is actually a product I purchase but have the rights from the author to give it away or sell it for any price I choose. Creating a product with these rights included is a way to earn more from the product than you would if you did not offer others the opportunity to make money from your report.

Your report is titled, "The One Thing"by Willie Crawford.  Click that link to download or read the PDF report.  Feel free to share the report with anyone you choose. If you do not have FREE Adobe Reader installed on your computer you can get it at

Willie is a highly successful and respected member of the internet marketing community. He is one of my favorite authorities with many sound IM products and written material. "The One Thing" full of IM insight and contains 24 tips to help your efforts in internet marketing. This is a excellent report for its content, it is also an example of how to earn money online. If you read between the lines and understand some of the reasoning for how the report is written, you will learn some valuable IM lessons.

I paid $4.97 for the report. It gives me "Master Resale Rights" which are what allows me to sell it or give it away. When you get your free copy, you can do the same with it if you would like to pass it on for free or even sell it.

How does an inexpensive or even free report make you money. It is called "back end profits". The front is is profit made from selling the report for under $5. This is just a little gravy and is not meant the be the main profit maker for the product. Where the money is made is in this type of product is in the links you will find inside the report. Each link in the typical IM report goes directly to product that the owner of the report will get a commission if you buy the product being talked about. Willie's main product in this report is his membership site The Internet Marketing Inner Circle. but he has other links to other products that you might buy and each product you buy, he earns a commission. This membership site and the affiliate products he mentions are the "back end" profits for this report.

By selling, 'The One Thing" inexpensively and offering people the rights to sell it or give it away is another KEY to Willie making money with the report. As a single individual he can only do so much marketing to move this product and get people reading it and hopeful clicking on the links and earning him money. If a lot of people are motivated to sell and give this report away, he can have a virtual army of people promoting his product.

The thing about Willie is that almost everything he writes is quality material and worth reading. Many people try to do this same type of report, but the quality of the report is very low. The better the quality of your writing and the better value it has for its readers, the more people will want to buy more of your products and the better your reputation as an internet marketer will grow.

I am impressed with Willie Crawford and am learning a lot from his articles, reports and products. In fact, when you read the report notice the release you have for distributing his product. It says that by joining his Internet Marketing Inner Circle you can rebrand the report and earn more from it.

Rebranding is changing some of the links in the report so they are YOUR affiliate links instead of his. Rebranding is another way to motivate people who buy your report to be sure it gets passed on to as many people as possible. I joined Willie's Internet Marketing Inner Circle, so any links in the report you see for the Inner Circle are rebranded to as my affiliate link. All of the other links in the report are still Willie's.

So, one way of making money on the internet is writing valuable reports, selling them and including "Back end Product" links in the report. The other way to make money with reports is find ones that the author allows you to rebrand and get paid an affiliate commission each time someone buys from one of YOUR links in the report.


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