Monday, January 08, 2007

When It Rains It Pours

This is our year to soar, or at least it better be. Have you heard the saying, "When it rains it pours"? Well, it is pouring here in Oxnard, Calif. Last time I told you our business landlord just raised our rent by $116. Saturday night we got more "good news". Our home landlord is putting the house up for sale. We are going to have to move and find another place to live. That  will mean higher rent. We got this rental very cheap and still live in a good neighborhood (for Oxnard).

Our current rent is $800 a month and includes utilities and basic cable television. Average apartment rents in this area are over $1400 a month plus utilities. That means first, last, pet deposit and whatever other charges they come up with. ALSO, we have no credit. Any landlord that relies on credit checks for rentals will not rent to us.  Did I tell you we have no savings and do not have the money to rent another place because of all the deposits? 

My hope is this is more like the 1952, Gene Kelly song and movie. “Singing in the rain”. If you are not familiar with the song, see the lyrics here, Lyrics To Singing In The Rain.  With our normal luck we will come out of this better off than we are.  Each time seemingly bad things have happened to Sharon and I, better things have come our way.

Suddenly, it is becoming more important for me to take my own advice and get my internet marketing business into full swing. I am working on the plan and it includes writing a lot of articles for webpages and other income producing efforts. I plan to open another blog or two. The more pages you have on the internet, the more likely it is you will earn more money.

This is like any business. It is a numbers game. In a brick and mortar store, the more people who come into you store, the more money you can make. It is the same on the internet, the more people who see your website, your blog or the product(s) you are selling, the more money you will make.

I keep talking about making more money with internet marketing. Well, this is when the rubber hits the road and we see just how serious I am. I have procrastinated in the past. I no longer have that luxury.

You can make money with writing on the internet You can sell articles for $5-10 and more if you are excellent at writing. An article is typically 400 to 600 words. It is like a high school report on any subject. You research the subject, take notes and then write it up in your own words. Some people say they can write up to 50 in a day. I am skeptical of that, but I do not know for sure. Even 10 a day at the midrange $8 each is $80 a day.

There are a number of places online looking for writers. Can you write? This could be an opportunity to earn income for your next needs or ongoing needs.

Of course you can use the article you write to populate your own website or blog. You can create an ebook of a group of your articles. People online are paying MUCH more for a 30 page or less ebook than they would ever pay for a thick paperback book in a bookstore. Some people charge and get $97 and more for 100 page ebooks, particularly in the internet marketing area. IM is a tough nut to write about since there are many experts and many novices trying to cash in on IM. It is funny to see a novice in a forum say. "Buy my ebook and EARN $2000 A MONTH", and then asked for advice in the same forum on how to earn $500 to pay the rent this month.

Another way to write is to put together 10 articles on the same topic and sell them as PLR content. PLR is "Private Label Rights", meaning others can sell the articles or use them as they wish on their sites, newsletters and blogs. With PLR, you sell the same article over and over again. If you sell the article for $10 for the set and sell it to 25 people, you make a nice $250 for your efforts. Again, the better your writing the more you can charge.

There are a lot of webmasters who have 10’s or 100’s of websites and never write ANYTHING. They have other people ghost write it for them. If you wanted to write for profit, you could become one of those ghost writers.

Having ghost writers do you writing for you makes sense. If you pay $100 for 10 very high quality article or even $200, you should make a lot more than that. Your job as the buyer is to make those articles profitable. As such, you will probably making more an hour than it is worth for you to write your own articles. It just makes financial sense to hire your article out to a ghost writer.

I have seen requests in one of the forums I read for 1000 articles THIS WEEK. People are hungry for quality writers.


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