Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Monday I will intentionally miss posting to the blog. We are going to my son’s home for Christmas Day. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

I mentioned that the way to succeed in anything is to "Work when you are at work". This is something Sharon and I often do not do. Yesterday we did and really accomplished a lot. If we could keep that momentum up for a week, then a month and then a quarter (January through March) we would be in a very good position financially. I do not mean rich, I mean paying the bills without having to worry about them. This is especially true for the business rent which we sweat every month.

We are trying to make "Discipline" and "Work when we are at work" our Prime Directive. With just those two things, we can become anything and do anything we desire. I wish some had drummed those two things into my mind from my early years. Well, they did not, so it is time to drum them in myself.

"Work when I am at work" also means "Play when I am at play" and "Vacation when I am on vacation" In my mind it is a catch all phrase that says to separate work and play and when you are doing either, do it the best you can.

Lately you see a lot about making money on the internet in the blog. Let me tell you about that.

If you have been following our blog for any length of time you know that we have a goal of going full timing. I am 63 (64 January 1) and sometime in the not to distant future I would like to retire. I do not own a home. So full timing made a lot of sense. I was downsized in 1995 and do not have any company retirement. I also do not have savings to retire on. Because of circumstance, I will have to keep generating an income for quite a while.

Retire? Retire means getting our of this warehouse for Sharon and I. It does not mean to quit working. Working beyond the warehouse for us is internet marketing. I am hoping that by writing about it some of you will consider IM as a potential source of added in come for your adventures into full timing or to just ad some money to help cover you gas for camping or some other expense.

The beauty and magic of internet marketing is that it is very inexpensive to get into. A website at is under $10 to start and $3 a month to keep. That website could make you an extra $10 a day or and extra $100 a day. My first goal is $100 a day. Of course that is progressive, $10, 20, $50, $100 over the next year.

Another piece of IM magic is that the income you generate is like residual income. You get paid for the same thing over and over. Work I created years ago is still paying me $70 to $125 a month and that is from just one site.

Most advertising is trying to entice you into making $1000 a day or $10,000 a month. If you read through the hype, you can learn from it. You can follow the procedures and even if you do not make BIG MONEY, you can make enough LITTLE MONEY to make you life more comfortable. Sure, a lot of people are making good livings on the internet. Some are making exceptional incomes. I am in forums with some very successful internet marketers. Anything is possible.

Sharon and I dream of making enough to buy a new diesel pusher, but if we can make that $100 a day we have targeted and never more, we would be in a good financial position (for us). Our dreams are amazing. our goals are realistic.

OH, I was talking about a change in the look of the blog. I have put that on hold. I lookd at the template and the coding is complicate enought that I need to sit down at it for a good part of a day, if not longer. I do not have enough time right now.


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