Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Looking Forward To The Holidays

It is hard to believe the end of the year is almost here. Sharon and I are looking forward to the holidays. It is a good time of year to reflect on where you have been, but more importanly where you are going. We are the eternal optimists and feel that we are headed toward bigger and better things.

Slowly we are getting the warehouse a little more organized. I can see ways to get rid of some of our excessive old inventory. I do not now about you, but things tie us down. Do you have so much "STUFF" you do not know what to do with it all. We are that way, but ours is a 6000 square foot warehouse of "STUFF"

Our dream two years ago was to be full timing by this time. It has obviously not happened. We have too much stuff. The stuff is complicated by the need to earn a living and the living is made by selling that stuff.

We need answers, but more than that we need discipline. Sharon and I have been talking about our needs. Money is one. A neater warehouse, a plan for our IM business, and the list goes on. Each of these things is merely a subcatagory of disipline.

How many things have you missed out on in life because of lack of disipline? Sharon and I have missed a lot and it all comes down to discipline. Goals, plans for a vacation you have always wanted to take, buying a house, making more money. They all require discipline to accomplish.

This is about "Work when you are at work". That also means, "Play when you are at play". There is a lot we could  accomplish if we would make an effort to become more disciplined in our lives.

Do you need more time? How about taking time to make time. A little discipline would take you a long way in finding more time. I set our alarm clock for 6 a.m. however, I get an extra 30 minutes to two hours time by getting up earlier. I need more time to develop the internet marketing part of our business.

Follow through is a key ingredient to accomplishing anything. Sticking with a task until it is done builds discipline or is it the other way around? I have a lot of things that are not done because I do not follow through.

I was reading an article that gave an example of following through using traffic as a comparison. If you are going to work and are stuck in traffic, you do not quit and go home because of dead stop vehicles on a freeway. You do not call it quits because you hit every red light on the way to work. You come up against traffic and either sit through it or you find an alternate route that is less congested.

Maybe that is how we should look at our lives. Traffic and stop lights of life often have us quitting before we get where we are going. What if we just waited out the lights and kept going? What could we accomplish if we found an alternate route instead of just giving up or giving in?

Again, it all boils down to discipline. Every day we are disciplined to stay on the road and go to work. We are motivated to get there regardless of the obstacles. We may scream and shout along the way, but we persevere and usually arrive on time.



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