Monday, December 11, 2006

Working When At Work

It is getting colder here in Oxnard, California and the surrounding area. We have had frost. It rained Saturday night and Sunday night. Sunday morning, the rain was frozen on our car.  When we looked at the far mountains, there was snow covering them.  It is getting colder here.

One of the ingredients for success is, "Working when you are at work". This is doubly important if you work for yourself.  Sharon and I often do not work when we are here at the warehouse.  We spend too much time in activities that are not productive.

Maybe some of you can relate to this post. Maybe you need to make some changes in your situation. Are there goals you would like to accomplish in the months ahead?  I am looking for answers for Sharon and I. I hope this blog is making you think about answers for things in your life.

We have been thinking about what it will take for us to get out of this warehouse.  The first step is to create about 3 month of cushion so we can spend the time need to dump a lot of our inventory.  The next thing is to start increasing our internet marketing income a little each month.  Remember, my goal for internet marketing is $100 a day. 

In the process of thinking about what we need to do, I decide to break some things down.  Today I looked at what we are paying for only rent at the warehouse and home.  That expense by itself is $98.02 a day.  $2184 rent for the warehouse and $800 for rent at home.

This is the first time I have ever looked at the daily amount of our rent.  I need to plug in our other expenses and see what they are too.  We have been running on autopilot too long and do not know our exact situation and our exact finances.  In the past I have calculated that $142 a day will JUST get us by each month

Self Fulfilling Prophecy.  Guess what?  This is just about what we make each month.  When we have to come up with more, we work a little harder for a short period and seem to come up with what is need, but no more.  Something is wrong with that picture.

Recently I have been talking about internet marketing.  That is "marketing online".  One fast way to get into marketing online is to join Ebay and sell items from around your home.  If that makes you some money and make sense to keep doing, you may generate a nice monthly income that will allow you to get some bills paid off or to buy that "????" you have been wanting for a while

Have you looked at our pages about about selling on Ebay?  Check our site map for them if you are interested

Of course the first step to selling on Ebay is to sign up at Start selling on Ebay today! Then read the tutorials on selling. Ebay has some excellent selling tutorials listed on their SITE MAP.  I love site maps, they tell a lot about what is on a website.

Even RV full timers could sell on Ebay They would just have to pick products that are easy to carry in a RV.  Small things like coins, stamps or even post cards come to mind.  I have put an Ebay search box below.  Enter any item in that search box and you will see what is selling on Ebay and for how much. One tip is enter post cards and also do another search for postcards. Often you can get some good bargains on Ebay because of misspellings.

Another interesting thing that sells on Ebay is magazine ads. Do a search for them too. This is simply ads cut out of old magazines and offered for sale on Ebay. I used to be amazed that people bought barbed wire. I am even more amazed at all of the things that sell on Ebay.

Go ahead, do a search. One more tip. On the left side of the page that comes up after entering a search phrase is the word COMPLETED LISTINGS with a check box next to it. Check that box then scroll down a little below that and clickSHOW ITEMS. Instead of seeing what is for sale and what people WANT for a time, you will see auctions that have ended. Prices listed in RED did not sell. Prices in GREEN did sell. You will be amazed a what an ad from an old LIFE or NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine sells for.


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