Friday, December 08, 2006

Soon, I Will Be Changing Blog Format A Little

I need to go to and start changing my blog format a little. I would like to activate comments so you can comment on articles I write.

A while back, I tried to activate COMMENTS, but I have somehow changed my blog template to the point it no longer allows comments even though I tell Blogger to activate them.

Since we have not been RVing since the first part of this year, I have not had a lot to talk about in the RV area. Mostly I have talked about our situations and trying to get back into the financial position to go camping.

Lately I have been talking about ways an RVer can earn an income online to help defray the costs of full time RVing. Since COMMENTS are not activated, I never get any feedback on what I am writing. Am I helping anyone or is this a topic that not too many are interested in?

Sharon and I have set ourselves a goal to earn $100 a day in internet marketing by March 31st. That gives us four months from the time we decided on this goal, about December 1st. This is an ambitious goal in some ways and not really that much in other ways. Think about how much $100 a day is and it is not much for two people to earn. That is only $50 per person. We are at the office 10 hours a day, so that breaks down to $5 an hour.

Yesterday I talked about Ghost Writers. That is one way we could generate income. Sharon and I could both become ghost writers. As I told you, ghost writers get between $5 and $12 per article going to places like Rent-A-Coder $5 is usually for lower quality articles and ones that are written by people whose native language is not English.

I think Sharon or I could generate articles that are worth $8 each. Between us, we would have to writer nine articles a day. In various forums I have seen writers say they can research and write an article in under two hours and often under one hour.

Do your write good letters? Is your grammar fairly good? Could you make a little money being a ghost writer. Do you realize that you could write from anywhere in the country; from any campground. Actually with your laptop you could write from anywhere in the world. Take a working vacation to Hawaii or Australia and keep generating an income.

All you have to be able to do is write at 9th grade level to be in the mid-pay level. You have to research topic as you would do for that same ninth grade essay a teacher assigned. You should have a spell check and hopefully a grammar checker. Major text editors like Microsoft Word have those built in.

Being a ghost writer means finding a project your would like to bid on at Rent-A-Coder  Submitting a bid and if your bid is accepted, taking on the project and delivering it in the agreed time frame.

The topic you bid on does not have to be one you are familiar with. It just has to be one you can easily research online. Remember, you will be writing a "homework assignment essay". Usually projects are 10 or more pages at $5 or $12 per page. Make your content ALL original. Do not copy and paste from here and there. Again, this is simply researching, taking notes and writing a 400-600 word article.

You will be writing a one page article on a topic selected by the person requesting the project. If you think you can write at a 9th grade lever or better, this may just supplement your income to a level that will make your full timing adventure more comfortable financially. Go on over to Rent-A-Coder  and look at how people set up projects they want written. See what they want for parameters for projects they are requesting. Learn what it would take for you to become a ghost writer.



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