Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ghost Writers

Sharon and I are taking our own advice and doing more and more to get our websites doing better and getting our internet marketing going a little better each week in hopes of increasing our IM income to $100 a day in the next year.

I have been talking about creating web pages and sites about topics that interest you.  You may say that you cannot write or that you love a subject but are by no means an expert on it.  The answer to that is, "Ghost Writers"

A lot of content you find on the internet is ghost written.  Some people cannot write that well and hire a writer. Others are too busy to do the writing themselves, so the contract a writer to do 10 or 50 or 100 or more pages on a topic. 

Writing quality varies from poor to excellent. Prices vary from about $4 to $12 per article 400 to 600 words long.  Some writers charge even more than that if they are very qualified about what they write about.  Some charge more and are no better than some of the $4 writers. 

There are quality writers who will research your subject and charge $20 or more.  However, you can get some very high quality article written for $7 to $8.  If you find a hungry writer you may get those same article for $5 each.  Often the $5 writer will do a job just as good as the $20, but that will be the exception instead of the rule.

One problem with online ghost writers is that many are from countries where English is not their native language and your article quality will not be as high as from a person whose first language is English.  Even English can have its problems since there is American English and British English.  Spell checking is essential and if you hire a British writer  words like programmes for programs, cheques/checks, colour/color will throw you at first.  English English could be written from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia or other old British colonies.

A writer from Romania might do excellent research and write a very good article, but their use of the English language may not be up to your standards. 

Ghost writing is a very appealing opportunity for someone in a country with low wages to make more than most of their neighbors.  Ghost writing take them across their own borders to countries where people are more affluent.  You will find a lot of international ghost writers.

Ghost written articles are one of a kind articles written only for your use, with the copyright turned over to you. You can use the copy, modify it or edit it. You can put your name on it as the author.  Articles are supposed to one of a kind, original articles.  They should not be copy and paste excerpts from someone else's articles. They definitely should not be plagiarize.  There is a site, that will compare your pages on the internet to other pages to help you check if the writer has copied other’s work. 

Where can you find Ghost Writers?  Two of the most popular place to find a ghost writer are  and    Both places let you present a project and get bids. Evaluates the bidders and email and talk with them. You can look at authors writing histories and get examples of their work. Authors are rated on the site.  You do not pay the author, you pay the website.  Payment is locked until you are satisfied with the project.  You are pretty much protected against being ripped off.

Do you have a press release you need written?  How about a report for work you just do not have time to research and write.  Maybe you need a simple or complex computer program written to automate something you do on your computer or website. Ghost Writers are the answer for you too. Hop on over to and submit a proposal.

One internet marketing "guru" I know about creates very large websites, 200 to 500 pages and has it all done by ghost writers.  There is a lot of potential in websites full of original content. There is more potential with sites that big.


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