Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bad To Badder -- BUT Good

OK, my tooth crown fell off a week ago.  Then I did not have email for two days in our business that relies on email.  Monday night someone broke into our 2004 Nissan truck and stole our jack and some tools for the back end we have a shell on.  They got in there by popping the sliding window open and without breaking it.  HOWEVER, they did break the passenger side small window behind the passenger seat.  Things are bad and getting badder.

So a small 11x18 tinted window costs $117 from the dealer, uninstalled.  Local glass companies are quoting $233 to $250 for glass and installation.  The tools total under $100 plus a good floor jack (not made in China)

I just balanced our budget and we just made enough for the rent and a down payment on the $1 million insurance we will need to purchase. This sure puts another crinkle in our finances.

Have you been following our “adventures” lately?  It is interesting what life keeps throwing our way.  I am beginning to think there has to be a message in there somewhere.  Since EVERYTHING deals with money or lack of money, I think the message has got to be, “EARN MORE MONEY”. 

We have two options for earning more. The first is to spend more time listing items on Ebay.  Cut out our slack time and our goof off time and JUST WORK, WORK, WORK!  Of course we are already at the warehouse a minimum of 12 hours a day.  We need to make more of that 12 hours productive.

The second option we have to to get very busy with internet marketing.  IM, is creating websites and webpages that earn an income.  Some IM income comes from offering ad space on a web page and being paid for it. Another internet marketing income is from selling digital products or ebooks and software programs.  These are two of the main ways we could go about increasing our income.

Of course either of both of us could get a J-O-B.  Sharon has even volunteered to go to work to help us if we dumped the warehouse and our current means of earning a living.  YIKES! That would really be a desperate move.

I have a plan in my mind that I am about to implement for making money online.  All legal and ethical, by the way.  I will share that with you within the next week.  I still have groundwork to be done. 

So maybe BAD to BADDER is really GOOD.  Maybe we have been given a final wakeup call that is telling us NOW IS THE TIME!

OK, now for GOODER.  The  guy in the retail automotive paint shop across the street recommended a glass installer. The new guy quoted us $120 installed.  WOW!  What a difference.  He is supposed to be here this morning for on-site installation.




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