Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Getting It Together

Sharon and I are really hustling and I think we are getting it together.  As I told you last time we have to buy $1 million in insurance and have our place ready for an inspection by our landlord.  That inspection may be followed up by a contractor and the landlord’s insurance company.  We are not ready for the the extra expense and work to prepare for an inspection.

HOWEVER, we have been working hard and trying to once again dramatically increase our income to cover the new expenses. Our business insurance lapsed a few years ago and no one ever said anything, so we did not worry about it.  Back then I recall it being over $800 a year.  With property values UP, I am guessing insurance will be up also.

At the end of the day on Monday we had almost all of our computer problems solved. By the first thing Tuesday morning all the problems were gone.  They will never admit it, but I am very suspicious about our VERIZON DSL ISP being the cause.  It was not only my computer but Sharon’s also that was having problems.  As low on cash as we are, I was ready to call a computer technician in to solve our problems. Luckily I did not have to.

Camping is being put off farther and farther into the future. Every time we have a new expense, that means the budget just does not support RVing. 

We have been discussing the warehouse and business and how we are working for everyone but ourselves.  We are here at the warehouse 12 hours a day.  We work to pay rent, utilities and necessities (camping doe not fit necessity in this case).  We are not pay ourselves.  There is something WRONG with that picture.  We are slaves!

It is time to seriously evaluate our situation.



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