Friday, October 20, 2006

Truffles and Teeth

Sharon won a radio contest a couple days ago and one of the prizes was a pack of 6 truffles from the local chocolate store.  MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm!  I was eating one and “CRUNCH”!  One of the crowns on a molar came loose.  Today, I got it put back on for only $85.  We were really sweating the bill on that one, but got lucky.

This was a great prize package. Tickets for two to see the new movie, “Flags of Our Fathers”.  Tickets for four for the local second run movie theater.  Tickets to see the play, “Hair” (live on stage).  Tickets to see the play, “A Chorus Line”. Tickets to the local “Murphy Auto Museum” in Oxnard. Tickets to the local Improvisional Comedy Club.  One free meal at a local Mexican restaurant.  AND of course, the truffles.

What a week.  Sharon also just got a phone call that here tickets are ready to pick up for the Dixie Chicks concert. She won those on the radio a while back, but a date was not set since the Chicks have been having concert date problems.  We like them, but some do not because of the main singers comments about President Bush.  Forget politics, we just like the Dixie Chicks.

I am still trying to figure out a direction to take this blog back to RVing. Since our camping is on hold indefinitely, it is hard to think and write about something we are not doing. 



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