Friday, October 13, 2006

Snow In Buffalo, New York

Often, I tell Sharon how happy I am that we live on the California coast. had a picture this morning with a dog going through two feet of snow.  WOW!  No thank you!

I used to live up near there.  I spent my senior year in high school in a town just outside of Niagara Fall, New York.  I graduated from Niagara-Wheatfield.  I really enjoyed my year in New York. However, snow for a kid is different that snow for a working adult. 

We lived in military housing and out in front of our apartment was a huge grassy area.  In the winter we created a “curb” of snow in a large oval shape.  Then we ran water into that area and it formed a shallow lake that froze and made a great ice skating rink.  A do it yourself pond.

Maybe I told you I was an Army Brat and lived all over.  New York was one of the many places I lived growing up.  It took me 10 schools to get from kindergarten to graduating from high school. That is also 10 different cities.

As of today I have lived in 32 different places in my life.  Of those I live in the same city on 4 of those 32 times. 

Full timers could have the same type of lifestyle. Living in many places, but probably for much shorter times than my any of my 32 places.  Of course, this would be a good time not to be living in Buffalo in a RV. I wonder how many full timers got stuck up in that area in this snow storm.





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