Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rainy Season Nearing = Eternabond

The weather is slowly turning cold.  Raining season is nearing and it is time to think about RV roof maintenance.  I have been meaning to run some Eternabond tape down the edge seams for a long time.  It is time to put that on the schedule and see that it gets done

Eternabond tape is a highly recommended tape that is used in place of caulking to seal RV seams.  It has excellent adhesion qualities and lasts for years once it is put into place.  Putting it is place is interesting too.  Once you have it aligned, be sure it is correct, because once you get it down, it is extremely difficult if at all impossible to reposition it.

I also have some windows that never leaked, but I should caulk them too.  Here is the page on our site that talks about how we caulked our windows, Caulking Leaking RV Windows

Oxnard and maybe other local coastal areas is infested with termites.  I have never seen so many buildings tented over a period of a year.  In the past I might see one building a year tented to fumigate for termites.  Here, I see them regularly.  Yesterday Sharon found a live termite in the Bounder. 

YIKES! Do termites eat RVs too?  There are wood cabinets, wood framing and wood paneling.  I guess it is possible to have the little pests chewing a RV also.

You should be checking your tire pressure on your RV regularly.  Low tire pressure can lead to blow-outs. Another thing that can lead to blow-outs is age.  I have read that RV tires should be replace every 5 or 6 years regardless of how much wear the tread has. 

A camping friend was coming back from a camping trip and a blow-out tore out big sections of their 5th wheel trailer.  A blow-out can be very damaging to the wheel well structure.  That flying tread is extremely dangerous and damaging.

On the road a piece of tread from a tire is called an “alligator”.  Alligators are very dangerous when they are a blow-out in progress, but they are also very dangerous when they are just lying in the road.  If you are driving and hit a piece of tire tread, it can do a lot of damage just as a blow-out can.  When you hit the “alligator” it flies at high speed and can tear up side panels, under carriage and more.

Years ago a friend was driving a bob-tail truck (25 foot U-Haul style commercial deliver truck). He hit an alligator and his truck was disabled.  He had to have it towed back to his company.


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