Friday, October 06, 2006

Fall Is In The Air

It is finally starting to get a little cooler here at the beach. Fall is in the air, however in California that does not mean the leaves are changing color.  Our season differences are more temperature than anything else.  OH, we get wet in late fall and early winter with some rain and trees do lose thier leaves.  We really do not have distinctive seasons.  I have told you in the past that the farmers grow strawberries year round here in Oxnard.

Actually, it is a major planting time for winter strawberries right now.  Many fields are laid with fresh plastic —– wait, let me back off and start at the beginning.  For growing strawberries, the fields are leveled and then picking ditches are dug by machinery.  These are ditches about  1 1/2 to2cfeet deep and are dug row after row.  These ditches bring the strawberries closer to worker level and they do not have bend as far picking them. 

The field looks like this; ditch, two foot wide row, ditch, row, ditch row etc.  Plastic sheeting is laid on top of every row, but not in the ditches. A tractor pulls a plastic layer behind it. The layer has a huge roll of sheet plastic and as the tractor moves along it lays the plastic on the row.

Next the tractor pulls a hole puncher along over the plastic sheeting.  It punches the holes where the strawberry plants will be inserted.  New plants are used every planting season.  Strawberry plants last only one season.

Finally workers plant the young strawberry plants by hand.  Boxes of plants are stacked along the ends of the rows and workers take them into the fields.  Once the berries are matured they are picked by hand also.

I know this has nothing to do with RVing, but this is my personal journal PLUS, it gives you an insight into things you might look forward to if you are full timing in an RV.  You can stay in the mid-west to see wheat and corn harvested on a large scale. You can go to the eastern seaboard and watch the fall colors.

Full timing can be about seeing the wonders of our nation but also about investigating how things are done. There is more wonders to see across the nation (whatever nation you may be in) than you could see in a lifetime.  Think about what you would love to see.


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