Monday, October 02, 2006

RVing When You Cannot RV

Sharon and I are RVing and not really.  RVing when you cannot RV is a simple as using your RV as a get-away room.  If you RV is sitting in a safe location where you can go to it and relax for a while you can “go RVing with out going RVing”. 

Because our Bounder is out behind our warehouse and we work 7 days a week, we have a place to eat our meals. We can, but seldom do just sit out there and relax away from the computers and need to make a living.

If you have $3,000 or $300,000 tied up in rolling real estate, it makes sense to utilize that investment to the fullest.  A cozy place to go to think or relax can give back on a huge investment.  If the kids or spouse are on your nerves or you on theirs, just go out to the motorhome with a good book or a crossword puzzle and “get away”.

Those who are not lucky enough to have their RV parked very close to home or office can still use the RV for some get away time.  There is always a need to go to the storage lot and check on security or do some needed maintenance.  You could just go to run the engine and generator for a while.  The trouble with off site RVs is that they are out of sight and out of mind, so many things are not noticed or taken care of.

Whatever your situation and wherever you RV is parked, make it a habit to visit it on a regular basis.  If you only go for maintenance and cleaning that is fine. However, a relaxing stay in the comfort of your rolling home can also be beneficial.


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