Friday, September 29, 2006

Hard To Write About RVing

Since we have been having to work so much just to pay the bills, we have not been RVing. We have not been out in the Bounder since April when we were forced to rent a new place to live.  That extra $800 a month we have to earn makes RVing difficult.  It is hard to write about RVing when we are not RVing.

The thing that keeps us close to RVing is having the motorhome parked behind out business.  We eat two meals a day in the Bounder.  It is alway stocked and ready to go, but things are slowly coming out of it.  I need sun screen, so it came out. I couldn’t find my air compressor tire inflater in the warehouse, so I am using the one from the motorhome. 

I told Sharon that we need to start a list of things we have taken out of the Bounder.  Even the tool boxes have come out and are being used in the warehouse. 

What can I write about?  The process we are going through in an effort to go RVing more often.  Before money got tight, we were going camping at least once a month and going to three or four rallies each year.  So, now it is a matter of coming up with ways to get ahead enough to take time off for rest and relaxation.

This relates to many full timers who are on a limited budget.  They often have to stop traveling to workamp and recover financially.  I have heard of many who work a camp hosts or other jobs at campgrounds and parks so they can afford to keep up the full timing RV life style.

So, you can look at us as temporarily “workamping” to get back on our feet and into a regular camping schedule again.  Of course our “workamping” is our business and getting back to camping is just a matter of increasing our income again.



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