Monday, September 25, 2006

Working Long And Worked Hard

Hi, I guess you noticed, I never got back on Friday. I completely forgot. We worked long and we worked hard for the last three days. Friday was 11 hours of loading and unloading our business cargo van. Saturday was12 hours of the same. Sunday was getting all of that stuff put away.

We got a great deal on a lot of military surplus inventory. A guy had his house sold by his wife, it was in her name and he lost years of purchases from the local military base when they had surplus sales. It looks like he bought stuff but never sold anything.

I wish we had the space and labor to get more. In the end they were throwing thousands of dollar of surplus in the dumpster. That day I paid $100 to take all all could. It was two van loads.

YIKES! The guy who owned all of that stuff reminds me of ME! I have a warehouse full of old stuff. Of course I am selling it off, BUT, I should not have a warehouse of OLD stuff, it should be new inventory. Inventory should rotate in and out regularly. I have too many things we should not have.

The house was a total fixer upper. It is about 1800 square feet on about 1/4 acre. The yard is fenced, and there are trees but no grass. This would be a nice first house for a young couple to fix up and sell later on. OH, young couple? Well, they had some people coming to look at it Sunday and the asking price for this place is $700,000. YIKES! Again.

OK, what has this all to do with RVing. Well, a blog is a journal and this is my journal of our efforts to find a way to go full timing in an RV. Buying and selling will get us the money, hopefully. The story above is what many people have to a lesser degree. Years of accumulation that needs to be disposed of. AND, the cost of an RV, new or used to live in is often far less than the price of a fixer up house.

Hopeful what we write about our efforts will help someone else see a way to solve one of their own problems towards achieving some goal.


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