Monday, September 18, 2006

Fire In The Mountains

We are not in danger and will not be, but our local mountains are burning.  The closest area that is in danger is Ojai, California. As the crow flies it is about 20 or 30 miles to the fire.  These fires move fast so miles are often covered quickly. 

The most popular camping area that could be affected is Lake Casitas.  The fire is heading west and the lake is west of Ojai. 

Last night as we drove home, it was as if if were snowing.  The ash from the fire was flying in the lights of our headlights as if we had a lite snow flurry going.  This morning our truck had a light dusting of ash on it.  There was quite a bit of ash around our front door.

Yes, I exercise our motorhome generator and ran the Bounder engine for about 20 minutes each this weekend.  The one engine I did not start was our Honda 2000.  I will do that at lunch time today.  Gasoline slowly evaporates inside of engines.  As it evaporates it leaves behind “gum” or a film of deposits from the gasoline. It is these solids in the gasoline that often make an engine hard to start if the engine has not been run for a while.

Have you run your RV engines lately?  If not it might be a good idea to fire them up and let them run for 15 or 20 minutes. 

Our motorhome is carpeted from front to rear.  The carpet are the original 1988 carpet that was installed at the factory.  It was well kept, so it is in pretty good condition.  However, to keep it in good condition we have put down runners down the isle way.  It is a lot easier to take out a runner and wash it down in the driveway than to clean the actual carpet.

The Bounder is even carpeted in the kitchen area.  We put another rug down in front of the stove and part way to the sink.  This throw rug gets a number of grease and food spots.  Sharon cleaned that rug this weekend.  EASY!  Just soaped, scrubbed and hosed it off in the driveway. 


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