Friday, September 15, 2006

TGIF, But Who Cares

Thank Goodness It’s Friday, “TGIF”, but who cares.  When we work 7 days a week Friday has no meaning, but then Monday does not either. Sometimes it gets old working everyday, but then it is not that bad.  You do what you have to do to make ends meet.

We bought some old military surplus equipment from a guy who is clearing a property of a “collector”.  The guy bought lots of scrap and other military surplus but apparently that is all he did, “Buy”.  It seems like he never sold anything.

Our warehouse is overloaded, but at least we scrap some things and are always selling off more and more of it.

This weekend is “motorhome maintenance” weekend.  Run the engines and clean the RV.  It is a shame it is not moving and we are not camping, but we still have not caught up enough to take time off or to spend the money for fees and gas.

Sharon has a log in the motorhome that tells when we did some maintenance items.  Changing oil and things like that are kept track of, but I think it is getting to be about time we make up or buy a formal maintenance schedule so we do not forget any little items.  I know there is software for vehicle maintenance and it might be a good idea to look into it. 

One thing we do regularly keep maintained is the battery.  We have on huge battery for the coach plus the motor starting battery. Because we use the motorhome all the time as a break and meal room we have to keep the battery charged up. 

It is very convenient to have a RV parked behind our office.  That means it is less likely to be broken into than if it is in a storage yard.  Having a secure place to keep your RV is on important factor to look into when you are buying one.  If you can store it at you home that makes spur of the moment trips a lot easier.

Some people who live in the “big city” have to store their RV miles from home and take it out to go camping is a big inconvenience.  Like I said, storing at home or close to home is a big plus when considering a RV purchase.



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