Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Run The RV Generator

Even though the Bounder has been sitting idle since the end of April, we still run the RV generator to keep it from gumming up.  We also run the motorhome engine for about 20 minutes at least once a month.  The generator I keep forgetting to exercise is our Honda 2000.  This weekend I will run all the engines including the Honda. 

Sometimes we go to the harbor and watch some of the trailerable boats being launched.  A lot of them do not start for one reason or another.  The other day, a boats battery was dead.  Luckily another friendly boater had jumper cables and got them started.  RV and boats share common maintenace needs.

You really should charge batteries periodically, run engines, check tire pressure and do other periodic maintenance even if you are not going to be using your RV for a while. 

One other thing I need to do is wash the Bounder.  Just a lite washing with a long pole scrub brush.  A periodic washing will make the full blown cleaning a lot easier.  You will get dirt off before it become grime that is requires more elbow grease to remove. 

Minutes of work or even a couple hours of work today will save you a lot of time, money and grief a little later on. 

Sharon and I still are not planning any camping in the next few weeks. We really need to get on top of our business and work harder. This month we have and extra $1000 or so in bills.  Insurance, vehicle registration and a couple other periodic bills are coming due. 

I often feel that we are working to pay everyone but ourselves.  We need to rethink our strategies again and come up with some better answers.


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