Monday, September 11, 2006

Thinking About RVing and Full Timing

Sharon and I are thinking about RVing and full timing.  The more we think the farther away full timing seems to become.  We are overwhelmed by all we have in this warehouse. 

Anyone  thinking of full timing in a RV must come to grips with all they have where they are now.  I talked about the emotional part of what you have. We have three grandchildren.  How important is being close to them ALL of the time.  Periodic, maybe even only yearly visits could be part of the full timing lifestyle.

A lot of what we have is emotional.  Ties to family, friends and neighborhoods.  Are you ready to let go of years of ties to your past? 

Next is the physical things and what to do with them.  Storing $2000 or even $5000 worth of  “stuff” will get very expensive after one, two or five years.  Will children or relatives store a small amount of your treasured belongings? Is the person you want to store things with responsible enough to take good care of them?

If you currently are a renter and do not own property, there is no problem with going full timing. If you currently own your own home, what will you do with it?  Some people sell all they own including their home. They do not store anything.  If they cannot take it with them in the RV, it is sold, given away or otherwise disposed of.

Some people want to keep their home just in case they change their mind and want to give up full timing. They may want a permanent home base to come back to occasionally. 

If you keep you house empty, that can create break in problems.  If you rent you house out, bad tenants can trash a beautiful home and yard.  These are all things you will have to think about and deal with.

All of these things are part of the process of going full timing.  Sharon and I do not own a home, so that is not an issue. All we have is a 6000 square foot warehouse of  “junque” to deal with.


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