Friday, September 08, 2006

Homeless Living In RVs

Here in Oxnard, there are a number of homeless living in motorhomes.  They park on the street at night, which is illegal, but they get away with it unless someone reports them.

Some older and smaller RVs sell for under $1000 and often deals or swaps are worked out for a running Class C or smaller Class A.  Class C seems to be the preferred RV, but some buy older Class B or even van conversions. 

Obviously they do need some source of income to put gas in the motorhome.  Odd jobs and begging are often the answer. 

So, if homeless people can make it living in an RV,  what could someone with more resources do?  Going full timing in an RV is an economical way to live if you do not have to stay in a high end RV park every night.  Even some nice RV parks have monthly rates under $300 from what I have been told.

I would think that RVs would be an excellent choice as a home for  many people in today’s economy.  An older $10,000 RV can be in very good condition.  We paid $10,000 for our 1988 Bounder Class A motorhome and it is in excellent condition.  It has required a few minor repairs, but it was a very good buy.

We now rent 1/2 of a house as our residence.  We could live in our RV full time if we adjusted our lifestyle. For us, that means getting rid of a 6000 square foot warehouse full of junk which is currently our livelihood.

Sharon and I are thinking and pondering and evaluating our lives and what we can do to move onward.  It is on our minds daily.  Owning  our own home (the Bounder) will ultimately make our decisions easier. 


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