Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beach Camping In The Fall

California beach camping in the fall is the best.  The weather is beautiful at the end of summer and into the fall.  The skies are clearer and the crowds get smaller, especially during the week.  You still will probably need reservations for the week-ends. 

The only problem is Sharon and I are still stuck making a living instead of going camping.  OH WELL!  There are prices we all have to pay for the things in our lives.  When you accept that, it is a lot easier to NOT go camping or not do anything you would like. 

This is part of the old saying about accepting what you cannot change.  Well, what you cannot change today, may be easily changed tomorrow.  Make you plans and see what develops over the days and weeks ahead.  Maybe some thing may takes years, but if you have a goal in your sights, it is more likely you will achieve it than if you never planned it.

We are down sizing all of the stuff we are carrying in the Bounder. We have way too much in all the cabinets and compartments.  The last time we weighed the motorhome we were about 8% overweight and we have added things since then.  Now it is time to remove all the unnecessary “junk” we thought we ought to carry with us on each trip.

You need tools on the road occasionally, but duplicates and more than you need for basic repairs are too much.  Most RVs do not have a lot of carrying capacity.  Ours has 2000 pounds, but that is without water in the 100 gallon fresh water tank.  That alone if over 800 pounds. Add 300 pounds for Sharon and I and we are already 1100 pounds.

When you talk about CCC (cargo carrying capacity) of an RV, the factory usually means a stripped down vehicle. Add levelers, an awning and a few other extras that are part of the RV, and you have even less carrying capacity. 

Carrying Capacity is something to think about when you buy an RV.   



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